Immigration and Asylum legal advisor is a registered legal firm division at Fellennord 130, Eindhoven, Netherlands delivers timely and affordable legal service to our clients.

Geographical location does not impact on our ability to assist and represent our clients and accordingly, many of our migration clients are interstate or overseas.

Significant and ongoing changes are being made to the most countries Immigration Laws and Policies as a direct result of the changing economic climate worldwide. We have the knowledge and understanding of these ongoing changes to ensure that your application has the best possible prospects of succeeding.

Our Migration Agents are kept abreast of regular updates and forecasts from their industry body of any future changes that may impact on your ability to satisfy the visa criteria.

Hope and Iala have the resources to assist you with all your immigration related concerns including, but not limited to, complex immigration issues involving review applications, visa cancellations and Ministerial Intervention.

Take the time to consult with someone who is experienced in the migration arena to ensure you obtain a successful outcome.